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I have not been one that has been real huge on stickers. Historically, I have not been one to sticker anything up, I have enjoyed keeping things plain, ordinary and uniform or incognito. With my recent computer acquisition, the very nice, sleep albeit cold HP EliteBook felt very impersonal. I felt, it needed a touch of green, a touch of happiness and maybe a little less of the cold and detached presentation it provides. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for that, just not today on this machine.

I did a little searching on the webs and I found a site that provides many, many options for stickers. That company is called RedBubble. What is interesting about this site is that it is like an Etsy of stickers and merchandise. If you do a search for openSUSE or Ubuntu, you will get different products by different designers. I do not know the business model here but I am very fascinated by having these options available.

Since I have an almost unhealthy obsession with openSUSE, I had to take my rather plain and uninspiring, cold, metal machine into something with a bit of warmth.

I even bought a little something for the inside of the laptop too. You don’t always get the pleasure of seeing the logo on the menu button when you are playing a game at full screen. Sometimes, it is nice to look down and bring that smile back to your face after some 12 year old gamer crushes you on a first person shooter and laughs at you for being an old man with terrible reflexes sprinkled with some other colorful language and riddled with slang you don’t understand.


The sticker material itself is of good quality. It is not flimsy nor will it easily tear. These are of quality vinyl, the type that is removable. Although, I can’t verify the durability of them, they are claimed to be water proof.

So, I guess I’ll find out how they hold up over time. I figure, as long as they hold up for a few years, I will most certainly have my value out of them.

Material appears to be of good quality.

Just by tugging on the material, it appears to be tough, as far as stickers go. I do like that these are vinyl and will remove without leaving residue, or at least, too much residue. It will be interesting to see if the sticker I put by my palm rest starts to peel up on the edges or fades out due to wear.

Final Thoughts

Though I have never been a big sticker / customize your computer kind of guy, I really do like these stickers. They express more than just the brand logo of the manufacturer as to where my priorities like with my technology. Also, since I did put this on a business class machine, there is very little likelihood that it would be confused with anyone else’s corporate machine, should I find myself in such an environment again.

I do believe my tone has changed on the notion of making your personal computer a bit more personalized. I am not going to go sticker crazy but a few stickers that express my almost unhealthy obsession with the openSUSE project is just right for my laptop and other computers.

HP EliteBook 840 G7 running openSUSE Tumbleweed

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