openSUSE Smiles

As a rule, the openSUSE logo makes me happy, just seeing it. I did, in fact, add stickers to my newly acquired EliteBook to add a bit of personalized happiness to it. On the openSUSE mailing list, discussing Blender, I clicked on this link to YouTube for a short video that I thought was not only really cool but cute and funny.

There is no end to my amazement of the openSUSE community. They do such a fantastic job of making a wonderful distribution with all the tools that keep me productive. I am very thankful for the reliability I enjoy using openSUSE. The community members also do a great job of helping me through a jam, should I drive myself into one.

Now I look forward to seeing the release of Blender with this customized piece of happiness!


Link to YouTube animation of Geeko animation for Blender
HP EliteBook Stickers
HP EliteBook 840 G7 running openSUSE Tumbleweed

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