Webcamoid | The Best Webcam App For The Linux Desktop

I wrote an article for Front Page Linux about the wonders of the best webcam application for use on Desktop Linux. Rather than publish it here where a dozen or so people will skip through the front door, I decided to put in someplace that receives a fantastic stream of traffic. This is a great application of which people need to be aware. Front Page Linux is part of the Destination Linux Network and has a ton of great articles written by a community of astonishingly talented technology enthusiasts.

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3 thoughts on “Webcamoid | The Best Webcam App For The Linux Desktop

  1. Have you managed to get the virtual input working in other voip apps? I tried adding first the v4l2loopback virtual driver, pulling in the v4l2loopback-kmp-default package, but it seemed buggy and I couldn’t successfully use it as an input. After further reading about how the latest akvcam is generally much better supported I rooted around and found that in the home:/ecsos repo, again pulling in the akvcam-kmp-default package. I toyed with the selection parameters in webcamoid which are still a bit buggy because it often adds the driver twice. Tried restarting the app and the PC but the virtual input image freezes and locks the CPU sending the fans into a frenzy.

    1. I have had v4Lloopback working some time ago but didn’t continue to use it. I should very my instructions and publish them.

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