Digital Sign Solution with Screenly on the Raspberry Pi

Screenly OSE is an, open source, digital sign solution that is purpose built for the Raspberry Pi. This can come in handy in any situation where people gather, business, shop, doctor’s waiting room, a church or a community center to name a few. Screenly OSE isn’t the only solution to accomplish this but it is arguably the best solution to accomplish this, or at the very minimum, the cleanest and best polish option I have ever used.

Bottom Line Up Front: If you have any reason to provide information to people in a commercial, business or community center type situation, this may be a perfect fit for you. If you have any digital pictures and would like to turn a monitor or TV into a picture frame, even home movies, I suppose (that has the potential to be obnoxious), this is a perfect solution for you. If you are looking for a useful, first project, for the Raspberry Pi with substantial application, this is most certainly a perfect project upon which to cut your Single Board Computer teeth.

The full article is on Front Page Linux so, number one, you need a Linux machine to start, I, of course, use openSUSE so this is geared to work for me but this will be general enough that you should be able to accomplish this on any distribution.

Read the full article on Front Page Linux

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