Pi-Hole Update Troubles

PiHole Update Troubles Title

A short solution for upgrading a Pi-Hole running on Raspberry Pi OS

Digital Sign Solution with Screenly on the Raspberry Pi

Screenly OSE Raspberry Pi Title

If you have any reason to provide information to people in a commercial, business or community center type situation, this may be a perfect fit for you. If you have any digital pictures and would like to turn a monitor or TV into a picture frame, even home movies.

Noodlings 24 | Spring green like openSUSE

The 24th appetizer sized podcast I am doing my best to not fade out, but for more of my thought and opinions, subscribe to DLN Xtend, a podcast with the Destination Linux Network where I have a chat about Linuxy things with my co-hosts Matt and Wendy. openSUSE Smiles openSUSE Stickers to Enhance your TechopenSUSE Smiles … Continue reading Noodlings 24 | Spring green like openSUSE

LCD Chalkboard Smart Sign, Raspberry Pi Powered

Whenever technology and art meet in a very useful product, I can't help but get excited and think about the applications of where a thing can be used. Instructables, yet again provides another incredible idea for something you can build as a life enhancement. I find the notion of combining a chalk board and a … Continue reading LCD Chalkboard Smart Sign, Raspberry Pi Powered

Raspberry Pi 400 | Blathering

I am not one of those individuals who gets the new fancy hardware because I am an Internet nobody and that is just fine by me (as I sulk, rocking back and forth in the corner). That doesn't mean I am not without my opinions. Raspberry Pi 400 Kit I watched a video early in … Continue reading Raspberry Pi 400 | Blathering

Blathering | Raspberry Pi to Monitor Air Quality with an Arduino based Thermostat

I'd like to call myself a tinkerer, but I don't tinker enough hold that badge. I do like to look at other projects and see what is out there for things to make my life more efficient. My target is to make my home, work for me, to automate every aspect that is feasible that … Continue reading Blathering | Raspberry Pi to Monitor Air Quality with an Arduino based Thermostat

RasberryPi Info Center

I have a RaspberryPi that is doing absolutely nothing. I got it to dink around with it but it just hasn't been all that useful to me. I much prefer the x86 platform for, pretty much everything. Not so recently, my church expressed a need for a slideshow like machine for things, events, announcements, pictures … Continue reading RasberryPi Info Center