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Here is the 27th individually wrapped fun-sized podcast episode

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Cubicle Chat | 27 Mar 2021

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The latest update of Tumbleweed on the Pi4 has had some significant usability improvements.


Gnome 40 has landed in Tumbleweed.

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Computer History Retrospective

This is my segment where I like to look back in time and see how the world of technology has advanced and how things have stayed the same. I find we often forget how far we have come and how good we have it while not always remember how we got here. Having some historical perspective on computers and technology can help to drive some appreciation for what we have today.

Computer Chronicles on Database Software (1984)

Not correctly named, retroactively, I would call this the early digital information system or the prototype Internet days. There wasn’t once centralized area of information, rather, disparate networks you could log into to get information. Services like “The Source” and “Dialog” were featured here and were information services with database access just being one of them. At this time there were some 2000 specialized online databases available and one service, this “electronic mail” and “chat services” being a part of some.

There was a charming example of email which was incredibly slow and gave me thanks and appreciation for how rapid my email access is today.

Some other services showcased were, communication type services, UPI News Wire, general media, travel information, bulletin board system (modern day forums), online travel agency.

At the low side, these database services would cost you 40 cents per minute. Today, in 2021, this would be more like $1 per minute and not a single picture to be viewed, let alone audio or video.

Computer security practices that didn’t age well from Paul Schindler made me laugh a bit as to how personal computers make accessing these services so much easier.

These massive database systems are the progenitors of the Internet that we enjoy today. The things that were new and developing in 1984 are features of the Internet we use regularly today. A computer with access to these services were not very common but now nearly everyone has a device that can ask people for technical help, look up information in a medical database and book travel arrangements. Today, you can order take out to any number of restaurants, and even grocery shop. Just about everything can be done online, good, bad or otherwise

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