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I have been pretty quiet here on for a few months, not because of any lack of interest in what I do but rather that there have been life things that have gotten in the way. I have many incomplete blatherings that are waiting for me to finish writing them up. The one thing I can say with absolute certainty is my passion for openSUSE hasn’t gone anywhere. I have been, in fact, continually and increasingly happy with what has been coming out of the project.

I have numerous machines that run Tumbleweed. My primary machines that I use to create or consume content have been running Tumbleweed smashingly well and I can’t see any reason to move them away from what openSUSE has to offer here. My Commodore 64 Impostor machine has continued to be fun to use and in the last approximate year of using it, I have not a single regret in that project. My HP EliteBook has also been working fantastically well for me as I do most of my writing, show prep for Linux Saloon and general computing on this when I am not in my “CubicleStudio”. The other machines that serve me regularly continue to be a problem free experience.

I was asked the question, “what would cause you to switch away from openSUSE.” My immediate reaction was to say, “nothing” but I realized that was not an accurate response after the fact. I thought about it, a long time. It was one of those “ear worm” style of questions that has been rolling around between my ears for a while and I think I figured out what keeps me here.

The openSUSE Project is an incredibly welcoming and open bunch of people that encourage you to make and do things with your tech. So long as openSUSE continues to empower you to own your tech and continue to learn, this will keep openSUSE Awesome.

There are some really skilled and dedicated people on the openSUSE project. The fact that I have been getting update after update for years with little or hardly an issue with the updates. I can enjoy using my technology to be productive. I can’t always contribute like I want but I know that my SUSE Workstation subscription, in a small part, does help to fund the project. As long as the project continues to keep and recruit skilled and dedicated people, it will keep being awesome.

There is constant innovation in the openSUSE project. Things like MicroOS the work towards ALP and the work on the new D-Installer means great things to be coming to the openSUSE project in the future. I don’t always hop on board with the latest software “tech” but I appreciate that they drive the train forward and try new things. So long as the openSUSE project continues to drive Linux and the tools we use forward, while also empowering us to own our tech and learn, openSUSE will continue to be Awesome.

Over the decade plus of using openSUSE, it becomes more and more comfortable, continues to make tech more enjoyable. It gives me the freedom to learn, explore, even mess my system up but also provides that safety-net with the snapper rollback to minimize the consequences of my poor decision making. The openSUSE Project truly embodies the aspects of free and open source so fantastically well, I feel like they are a bastion of good stewardship of the open source tech. Using openSUSE there is a kind of liberating freedom that I hope continues on to the next generation of computer users and technology enthusiasts. When I look at what openSUSE has done in the last several years, they continue down this track of awesomeness without any waiver.

I say all this not to take anything away from any other distribution but rather to highlight what I have been really enjoying, day in and day out with my technology. openSUSE is an enabler of getting work done, supporting my productivity and seeing that Geeko logo smile at me in the corner every time I am using my desktop gives me warm fuzzies every day. It’s the little things, really.

I have no desire to switch anything away from openSUSE. Not while it continues to hold true to its core values of software freedom and user privacy. I don’t see openSUSE wavering from this so, no, I won’t be going anywhere with whom I trust to be a part of my daily computing life.

To all those I know and don’t know that make openSUSE possible. Thank you for all you do. I am sincerely grateful for the work you do, the positivity you bring to the world and the encouragement given to me through your work. You are truly awesome and you make openSUSE awesome.

Commodore 64 Impostor | My Retro Computer mini-ITX Computer
HP EliteBook 840 G7
openSUSE MicroOS
Linux Saloon

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