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Kmail has been my email application for almost 20 years. Even before I started using openSUSE I have been happily using this email application. I find it to be the most feature rich of all the email management applications and far better than any web client I have ever used. I can shape the layout just the way I like it. I have spent a lot of time over the years tweaking it to the point where I am super happy with it.

I love message list tabs, it is an incredibly useful feature. Since I live in my email quite a lot, I will keep multiple open at various times for different “mailboxes” for various reasons. I inadvertently closed the second tab and suddenly realized I didn’t know how I opened the series of tabs some many months back. I had forgotten where the option was activated are and it took me quite some time to find this one again.

Super handy message list tabs

I did some web searching and was unsuccessful. Even the Kmail documentation didn’t seem to have this feature documented or maybe I just couldn’t find it. Either way I didn’t find a solution on the web.

To add a tab you can either activate it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+O

Or by navigating in the menu: View > Message List > Create New Tab

I decided to quickly document this little bit of information in the form of a blathering so I can refer back to it, should I forget once again. After all, the whole reason for was to be a repository of information for me to refer back to when necessary.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone, if nothing else, it will likely be helpful for me too but considering I spent the time to make this blathering, I may have now cemented it in my mind.

Kmail Documentation

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