Emoji Selector App on KDE Plasma

There are times when you stumble upon an application that brings you big giant goofy smile on your face. This application is just that. 🤪 There is an application, built into Plasma, or at least it is a part of Plasma that came in automatically at some point in time without any fanfare and I didn’t notice it. It is almost a shame too since it was first released in 2019 to the world. It is such a fantastic piece of software that I could have been using for years and have missed out.

It’s in the menu, just type in “emoji” and the you will be presented the subtle little gem of a utility quietly waiting to be used. 🤔

There is a Hotkey

There is, fantastically, a hotkey for the application already baked into the settings. Pressing Meta+. will pop the convenient little window up onto your desktop. It should be noted if you use multiple virtual desktops, using the hotkey will move the Emoji Selector Window to the current desktop. 🤩


Whatever emoji you want to use just select it by clicking, tapping, whatever suits you and that emoji is copied into your clipboard. A quick Ctrl+C or right-click > Paste will put the selected emoji wherever your cursor happens to be. 🤪

Final Thoughts

When using this, I’m not sure if I like the copy to clipboard interface as much as I would like to have a select to paste automatically better. This is probably a safer option as I could see myself over using emojis in messages. Either way, I think this is an underappreciated application as outside of the references below, I didn’t see any other buzz about this.

If you are using Plasma, check this out and see what you think? Emojis are fun and now there is a bit more fun at my fingertips in my favorite desktop environment on my favorite operating system, KDE Plasma on openSUSE Tumbleweed. 🥰



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