Linux Saloon | News Flight Night 9

The second Linux Saloon Live was a News Flight Night with a flight of topics sourced from all around the internet from the Linux Saloon bunch. The main topic of the show revolved around a Strawpoll that Aris made asking, “Have you ever built a desktop.” A simple question that made for some incredibly interesting conversation about building a computer.

For discussion go to the Tux Digital Forum and participate there!

Here are some resources to help with the process of building a computer. Perhaps you can start with CPU Benchmark dot net to determine the processor for you and move your way to PC Part Picker dot com to get the rest of the hardware that will work smashingly with it.

I very much enjoyed the great discussion in the YouTube chat about various experiences in building computers at various points in computer history. It’s pretty amazing the breadth of experience out there.

Metal Music, a regular at the Linux Saloon, sent me a message in Discord about a fascinating new way to provide active cooling. It replaces the fan for a solid state device that is smaller, quieter and provides higher pressures than traditional fans. Like SSDs replaced hard disk drives when they became cost effective, this just might replace the fan in similar mobile applications. I don’t think the fan is going anywhere, I just happen to think this is going to provide more options where space is a premium.

Next Week, we are going to be discussing our exploration of GeckoLinux. A great podcast to get to really know a distribution before you dip your toes into it is Linux User Space. I hope you can at least check this incredible production out and if you have the time to try it out and or join the Linux Saloon, it would be great to get your input.

You may ask, “how should I test this distribution?” My answer to you is, “any way you like!” Whether it is on the “bare metal” of a testing machine, your primary machine, a virtual machine using something like virtmanager or VirtualBox is totally fine. Maybe you have a more unique way of testing it in some sort of remote method like an RDP session, go for it. There is no right or wrong way to do it, the point is to explore and have fun with Linux.

Check out GeckoLinux here and check out the Linux Saloon Calendar here. It would be great to have you any way you can be there.

Linux Saloon really makes for great tech conversation. Is some of the stuff we talk about nonsense? Absolutely and it is the best kind of tech minutia a computer nerd could ever enjoy.

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