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Our first distro exploration for 2023 was GeckoLinux, a series of spins of openSUSE that makes an easy on-ramp to get into openSUSE with the desktop of your choice. You have the option of going with the static core of openSUSE Leap or the rolling Tumbleweed with these desktops:

  • Cinnamon
  • XFCE
  • Plasma
  • MATE
  • Budgie
  • LXQt
  • Pantheon (Available for rolling not static)
  • Barebones

There is also an option to run a static base called GeckoLinux NEXT editions with more rapidly updated desktop environments of Plasma and Pantheon.

Check it out here:

StrawPoll for GeckoLinux experience –

As part of the fun of the show is to ask how the experience is going for those “kicking its tires.” Aris does a great job of making sure there are these great polls for added community interaction about a topic.

For additional discussion go to the TuxDigital forum here:

Adam Grubbs tells us about this fantastic technology, Ansible, he uses to automate various aspects of his systems. It did last a while but was such a good talk that I learned a lot.

Ansible Resources

Vashinator has been developing out a website and has been creating some fantastic content. As part of the “community free pour” I asked Vash to come on and talk about what he’s doing as I find it very interesting. I hope he continues to create his content and grows his digital empire!

This was a great show where I learned a lot and lit a fire of curiosity about how Ansible works and if I can find a role for it in some aspect of my tech life. Such cool projects are out there. I truly enjoyed playing with GeckoLinux and super enjoy how easy it is to go from zero to sixty on an openSUSE distro. The work from GeckoLinux has incredible value.

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