Linux Saloon | Application Appetizer Potluck

This week the panel of presenters brought an app they use to share. Instead of choosing a specific application to try out or explore the panel decided that we would all bring something interesting that we use to share with others and explain why it was interesting. There are links to all the applications brought up along side the timestamps.

I am really happy with how this show went. The participation form the panel and the chat was full of all kinds of information. I am certainly going to be trying some of these out and see which of these applications end up sticking around on a machine or two of mine.

The three that will most certainly be getting some attention in the very near future from me is PCem-Emulator, FreeCAD Realthunder and Joplin. The others are absolutely quite interesting but these are the top three that really piqued my interest.

Next week will be an open mic night. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact me with any method you like and make some topic suggestions. Even better, you can join the conversation in the Zoom meeting or on the YouTube stream. The details for all of that can be found here.

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