LeoCAD 21.06 on openSUSE

LeoCAD 21.06 Title

I have espoused the glorious wonders of LeoCAD on openSUSE before. This is a fantastic application to work with Lego bricks and components in a virtual, safe for your feet, environment. Building with Lego bricks is a lot of fun, using it virtually can help to refine ideas. Although the title of this post mentions … Continue reading LeoCAD 21.06 on openSUSE

Microsoft Teams on openSUSE

It is still strange for me to see that Microsoft is building software for Linux. Frankly, they are a bit hit and miss on the quality but I think that might actually be a general Microsoft trait. I am just grateful that they are putting time, effort and resources to Linux. Even if their applications … Continue reading Microsoft Teams on openSUSE