Noodlings 30 | Packing up the Vintage

Here is the 30th Glazed Doughnut Hole sized podcast episode LeoCAD 21.06 on openSUSE SUSE Academic Program BDLL Follow Up openSUSE Corner openSUSE Smiles News Tumbleweed Gets RubyGems Update and New Systemd Tumbleweed Roundup 20210701 Stable 9719 Bugs20210702 Stable 9815 Bugs20210703 Pending Stable 99 3 bugs20210704 Stable 9920210706 Pending Moderate 843 bugs1188045: Include vboximg-mount in … Continue reading Noodlings 30 | Packing up the Vintage

LeoCAD 21.06 on openSUSE

LeoCAD 21.06 Title

I have espoused the glorious wonders of LeoCAD on openSUSE before. This is a fantastic application to work with Lego bricks and components in a virtual, safe for your feet, environment. Building with Lego bricks is a lot of fun, using it virtually can help to refine ideas. Although the title of this post mentions … Continue reading LeoCAD 21.06 on openSUSE

mGBA | Game Boy Emulation on Linux

I have received quite the number of comments about emulating the Game Boy on modern hardware and all the work that is going into it. I learned so much about the extensive community around emulating Game Boy games and the technology, research and absolute passion that goes into it. Though I was given many suggestions, … Continue reading mGBA | Game Boy Emulation on Linux

Element | Matrix Chat Client on openSUSE

All the kids have been talking about the wonders of Matrix as the future of decentralized, secure communication. I have known about it, seen bridges being used in the openSUSE discord and Telegram rooms. Most of my experience has not been great, generally there were significant delays. I have used a few clients, on … Continue reading Element | Matrix Chat Client on openSUSE