elementary OS 6.0 | Review From an openSUSE User

A biased review of elementary OS 6.0 Odin by an openSUSE user.

Noodlings 30 | Packing up the Vintage

Episode 30 | Packing up the Vintage - LeoCAD 21.06 - SUSE Academic Program - BDLL Follow Up - openSUSE Corner - Computer History Retrospective on Computer Games (1984) Website - https://CubicleNate.com Mastodon - https://social.tchncs.de/@CubicleNate Twitter - https://twitter.com/CubicleNate YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY6KdxWFOlKaIPand7ROwvw https://open.lbry.com/@cubiclenate:9 Music: "Pixelland" by Kevin MacLeod

LeoCAD 21.06 on openSUSE

LeoCAD 21.06 Title

I have espoused the glorious wonders of LeoCAD on openSUSE before. This is a fantastic application to work with Lego bricks and components in a virtual, safe for your feet, environment. Building with Lego bricks is a lot of fun, using it virtually can help to refine ideas. Although the title of this post mentions … Continue reading LeoCAD 21.06 on openSUSE

mGBA | Game Boy Emulation on Linux

I have received quite the number of comments about emulating the Game Boy on modern hardware and all the work that is going into it. I learned so much about the extensive community around emulating Game Boy games and the technology, research and absolute passion that goes into it. Though I was given many suggestions, … Continue reading mGBA | Game Boy Emulation on Linux

Element | Matrix Chat Client on openSUSE

All the kids have been talking about the wonders of Matrix as the future of decentralized, secure communication. I have known about it, seen bridges being used in the openSUSE discord and Telegram rooms. Most of my experience has not been great, generally there were significant delays. I have used a few clients, Riot.im on … Continue reading Element | Matrix Chat Client on openSUSE