Cubicle Chat | 20 Mar 2021

In the absence of a Linux centered live stream called BDLL, I was encouraged by another community member, Vash, to have a kind of “low rent” replacement of the show until it is picked back up. This was my first run at such an activity and I ultimately think it went fairly well. I made it a point to make any sort of announcement of this as to limit the exposure for my pilot run.

The “Cubicle Chat” went well enough and the feed back was positive so I intend on doing another “Cubicle Chat” next Saturday, 27 Mar 2021 at 20:00 UTC-04:00 or 8pm Eastern Daylight Time. I don’t see this as something that I can sustain every week but on the weekends I am able, I will host this.

Feel free to drop in next Saturday on either the YouTube Stream or show your face… if you want, using the openSUSE provided Jitsi service. We can talk Linux, tech or open source but it is a family friendly show so it’s really best to keep the language as friendly as possible. The purpose is just to get together, talk and have a good ‘ol Linuxy time.

A link to my YouTube channel is below, subscribe if you want, it isn’t a very active place for me but I do try to put things up from time to time as I am able.

CubicleNate YouTube Channel

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