Noodlings 30 | Packing up the Vintage

Here is the 30th Glazed Doughnut Hole sized podcast episode LeoCAD 21.06 on openSUSE SUSE Academic Program BDLL Follow Up openSUSE Corner openSUSE Smiles News Tumbleweed Gets RubyGems Update and New Systemd Tumbleweed Roundup 20210701 Stable 9719 Bugs20210702 Stable 9815 Bugs20210703 Pending Stable 99 3 bugs20210704 Stable 9920210706 Pending Moderate 843 bugs1188045: Include vboximg-mount in … Continue reading Noodlings 30 | Packing up the Vintage

Noodlings 29 | Transient State

Here is the 29th individually wrapped fun sized podcast episode Pimiga Return of Makers Corner Podcast with Yannick Linking a TI-86 Calculator with openSUSE openSUSE Corner openSUSE Smiles New architectures for Leapx86_64ARM 64Power PC, not big-endianIBM Z and LinuxONE, s390xArchitecture list for Tumbleweedx86_32x86_64ARM v6ARM v7ARM Arch 64RISC V 64 News IRC and Matrix announcements Due to … Continue reading Noodlings 29 | Transient State

Noodlings 28 | Building Things

Noodlings thumbnail

Here is the 28th Chiclet sized podcast episode Return of BDLL Digital Sign Solution with Screenly on the Raspberry Pi Ventoy | Multi-ISO Bootable USB Drive Made Easy TiddlyWiki | Personal, non-linear, Note Taking Application on Linux openSUSE Corner openSUSE Smiles I purchased a new printer and had some issues with the proprietary plugin. The … Continue reading Noodlings 28 | Building Things

Cubicle Chat | 27 Mar 2021

Cubicle Chat Low Rent BDLL

This past Saturday was another virtual #Linux User Group, online meetup. We discussed #Linux, tech, open source and other interesting things. The stream can be found on #YouTube, similar to #BDLL. I decided to host a #CubicleChat last Saturday. I didn't announce it in case it was a dumpster fire but it turned out fairly well. I will do another meetup next Saturday, 27 Mar.

Cubicle Chat | 20 Mar 2021

In the absence of a Linux centered live stream called BDLL, I was encouraged by another community member, Vash, to have a kind of "low rent" replacement of the show until it is picked back up. This was my first run at such an activity and I ultimately think it went fairly well. I made … Continue reading Cubicle Chat | 20 Mar 2021

Noodlings 22 | On the Edge

The 22nd single serving sized podcast episode Computers are a tool, it's a wrench or hammer, maybe more like a drill as it is a kind of power tool. It is there to serve you in whatever the task is. Whether it is organizing and storing information, one of the core functions of computers; entertainment, … Continue reading Noodlings 22 | On the Edge

Ventoy | Multi-ISO Bootable USB Drive Made Easy

From time to time, I like to try a new distribution of Linux, not because I am dissatisfied with openSUSE as that is NOT the case but like going to another town to visit and see what culinary options they have to offer. I like to try out another Plasma distribution or something that is … Continue reading Ventoy | Multi-ISO Bootable USB Drive Made Easy

Noodlings 21 | Inspiration Is Around You

21st Noodling of jam packed excitement... not really. This is the 21st hot-pocket-sized podcast that won't scorch roof of your mouth. I have a small collection of vintage or near vintage gaming consoles. I lean mostly in the Nintendo party as I think they have a great grasp on what is fun. I don't always … Continue reading Noodlings 21 | Inspiration Is Around You

Noodlings 20 | No Linux for 10 Days

20th Noodling, just like the previous, delivered inconsistently! The 20th cookie sized podcast, but not one of those oatmeal raisin type of cookies, more like something with chocolate chips. Chinese food containers are a feat of clever engineering. Most people just toss them in the bin once they are done with them but if you … Continue reading Noodlings 20 | No Linux for 10 Days

Noodlings 19 | BIOS Games Serving the NDI™ Plugin

Another prime number... and no the title doesn't make sense. It's just a nonsensical way to string everything together. 19th Noodling on a mid-August night 19 Episodes… 19 is another prime number! Fun facts about chocolate milk can be found here BIOS Update Dell Latitude E6440 on Linux My BIOS was 4 years out of date. … Continue reading Noodlings 19 | BIOS Games Serving the NDI™ Plugin