openSUSE on the Raspberry Pi 400 Video

Answering the question, "How well does the Raspberry Pi 400 openSUSE."

USB Powered Clock-Fan | Widget Review

Clock Fan with Thermometer Review Thumbnail

Very rarely do I impulsively buy a thing but I had a moment of weakness and purchased this USB powered clock-fan after seeing this thing in real life. Since I thought it was so cool, I had to share this rather exciting thing. Generally, I can have buyer's remorse with an impulse buy but not … Continue reading USB Powered Clock-Fan | Widget Review

Cubicle Chat | 27 Mar 2021

Cubicle Chat Low Rent BDLL

This past Saturday was another virtual #Linux User Group, online meetup. We discussed #Linux, tech, open source and other interesting things. The stream can be found on #YouTube, similar to #BDLL. I decided to host a #CubicleChat last Saturday. I didn't announce it in case it was a dumpster fire but it turned out fairly well. I will do another meetup next Saturday, 27 Mar.

Cubicle Chat | 20 Mar 2021

In the absence of a Linux centered live stream called BDLL, I was encouraged by another community member, Vash, to have a kind of "low rent" replacement of the show until it is picked back up. This was my first run at such an activity and I ultimately think it went fairly well. I made … Continue reading Cubicle Chat | 20 Mar 2021

Minitube a YouTube Application on openSUSE

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon this handy little application but it's great. It is used for watching YouTube videos without the bloat of a browser or having to log into Google for subscriptions. There is a lot to like about this application as it provides, in many ways, a better YouTube experience. As … Continue reading Minitube a YouTube Application on openSUSE