A 2022 Christmastime Blathering

As the year comes to a close, it is often filled with mixed emotions about my personal evaluation of my performance for the year. Many things were advanced, some things didn't advance far enough and others may have even regressed a bit but I would say, over all, I am in a better position today … Continue reading A 2022 Christmastime Blathering

Christmastime in the year 2020 | Holiday Blathering

What can I say about 2020 that someone else hasn't already said? I can say it has been... a bit of a disappointment. Nothing has really gone to plan, it seems. I would say, tho, 2020 started out pretty great. Things were looking good for most people and evens occurred that really took the shine … Continue reading Christmastime in the year 2020 | Holiday Blathering

Noodlings 22 | On the Edge

The 22nd single serving sized podcast episode Computers are a tool, it's a wrench or hammer, maybe more like a drill as it is a kind of power tool. It is there to serve you in whatever the task is. Whether it is organizing and storing information, one of the core functions of computers; entertainment, … Continue reading Noodlings 22 | On the Edge