Cubicle Chat | 27 Mar 2021

This was the second run at filling the gap of a BDLL like, Linux centered, live stream. This “Low Rent” episode went mostly well albeit with a rough start due to my own ignorance on YouTube Streaming. Although I copied over the stream settings from the first go at it. The auto-start was deselected. I still seem to be getting positive feedback and encouragement so as long as that keeps happening, I’ll continue to do these on the weeks that I can.

I intend on doing another “Cubicle Chat” next Saturday, 03 Apr 2021 at 20:00 UTC-04:00 or 8pm Eastern Daylight Time. I am not certain if I will do a European version of this or not. There seems to be the request for such a thing. I will talk with a few other community members to see what kind of commitment I can get.

Feel free to drop in next Saturday on either the YouTube Stream or show your face… if you want, using the openSUSE provided Jitsi service. We can talk Linux, tech or open source but it is a family friendly show so it’s really best to keep the language as friendly as possible. In the same way that was fostered by Rocco on the Genuine BDLL, lets get together, talk and have a good ‘ol Linuxy time.

Some points of discussion that we had:

  • Beta Testing Fedora 34
  • The release of VLC 4
  • Science was more fun in the 70s (according to Barb)
  • And so much more

Join the discussion about the show here:

A link to my YouTube channel is below, subscribe if you want, it isn’t a very active place for me but I do try to put things up from time to time as I am able.

CubicleNate YouTube Channel

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