Noodlings 26 | Redemption

Here is the 26th morsel-sized podcast episode

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Cubicle Chat | 20 Mar 2021

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Arduino powered, Dementia Friendly Media Player

openSUSE Corner

openSUSE Smiles

Destination Linux virtual user group meetup. More openSUSE users all around these days. Two openSUSE board members.


Entire Rebuild of Tumbleweed Brings Enormous Update

Tumbleweed Roundup

Computer History Retrospective

This is my segment where I like to look back in time and see how the world of technology has advanced and how things have stayed the same. I find we often forget how far we have come and how good we have it while not always remember how we got here. Having some historical perspective on computers and technology can help to drive some appreciation for what we have today.

Computer Chronicles on Decision Support Systems (1984)

Game called epidemic that simulates a global infection caused by meteors. I found it rather… fascinating.

Computer Aided Decision making was done in 1984

Forecasting programs that calculate trends and outcomes and expert systems that draw conclusions and make their own decisions. They all use some level of AI.

Railroads used them for long term financial and operations planning, based on forecast and future demands. The system utilized records of train capacities, labor costs, taxes, fuel costs and revenues to predict financial impact of future strategies.

A system called “Prospector” analyzes mineral content of geological formations and recommends drilling sites. It contains many features associated with artificial intelligence. The software makes recommendations based on these probabilities.

What I think is so fascinating about this episode is how much of this carries on today. Though I haven’t hear the term “Computer Aided Decision” in the more recent era. Artificial Intelligence and “Machine Learning” are buzz words today for things that really aren’t that far removed from what they used some 30 to 40 years ago. You may argue otherwise, and I would love to hear about it.

Front Page Linux | Guide Through the History of Unix and Linux

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