Linux Saloon, the Next Generation of BDLL

Big Daddy Linux Live, the show and its community has become very special to me in so many ways, this is the place that I really feel like I met the absolute nicest, most helpful and encouraging people on the Internet.

Being a part of BDLL and doing distro challenges has introduced me to some incredible people and opened doors for me. This show with Rocco, Zeb, Dan, Eric and so many more really allowed me to have a lot of fun with technology in a whole new dimension.

In late 2020, Rocco stepped away from BDLL. Later, with encouragement from a BDLL community member, Michael Vash, I picked up the torch, and with Rocco’s permission decided to continue to run with BDLL. I didn’t want this all to just drift off into the Internet ether. Largely because of the loyalty I have towards Rocco and the community.

The name of the rebranded show is Linux Saloon. It will remain at the same time each Saturday, with the same or similar cast of characters that has been around the last few months and to avoid confusion, I have decided to move it to a new channel and give it a fresh start.

Everything about BDLL you have enjoyed will still be there, we will be doing distribution explorations, or maybe something else like a Desktop Environment or application. The conversation is still open to everyone that wants to join.

For details on connecting with the show, social channels and so forth, please visit Should I think of other things that are relevant, I will put it on there as well.

I hope to see you on Saturdays at 8pm Eastern or Sunday 01:00 UTC but there is that whole crazy time change thing so to make it simple. Subscribe to Linux Saloon, click or tap that notification bell and I hope to see you out there.

Be sure to tip your developers and please Linux responsibly.

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