Noodlings 36 | The Wires and Tubes

Here is the 36th airline peanut sized podcast episode

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DoD Common Access Card (CAC) Reader
Racing Destruction Set, Electronic Arts | Commodore 64 Game Review
Linux Saloon, the Next Generation of BDLL

Linux Saloon

openSUSE Corner

Tumbleweed Roundup

Computer History Retrospective

This is my segment where I like to look back in time and see how the world of technology has advanced and how things have stayed the same. I find we often forget how far we have come and how good we have it while not always remember how we got here. Having some historical perspective on computers and technology can help to drive some appreciation for what we have today.

Computer Chronicles on Computer Ergonomics (1984)

DLN Xtend

This is just a Nate-echo-chamber of ideas  but if you are interested in more thoughts and opinions in discussion with other Linux and open source enthusiasts, subscribe to DLN Xtend, a podcast with the Destination Linux Network where I have a chat with my co-hosts Matt and Wendy on a gambit of subjects.

Maker’s Corner Podcast

Yannick and Nate talk about the things they make, the problems they solve and the fun they have exploring the world of making things, all kinds of things from electronics, software, wood working and general construction.

Destination Linux Network
DLN Xtend Podcast

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