RasberryPi Info Center

I have a RaspberryPi that is doing absolutely nothing. I got it to dink around with it but it just hasn't been all that useful to me. I much prefer the x86 platform for, pretty much everything. Not so recently, my church expressed a need for a slideshow like machine for things, events, announcements, pictures … Continue reading RasberryPi Info Center

Upgrade Reliability of openSUSE Tumbleweed

For fun... or maybe negligence... I hadn't updated one of my openSUSE Tumbleweed netbooks. As a rolling distribution of Linux, it is generally considered in bad form to not keep it updated as it will likely break the installation. Not so with Tumbleweed. The System Acer Aspire One D255E Netbook Intel Atom CPU N455 @ … Continue reading Upgrade Reliability of openSUSE Tumbleweed

Web Browsing With w3m

Sometimes it is just fun to hang out in the terminal and not use all this fancy graphical interface nonsense with annoying advertising, video, GIFs and popups. Since I didn't "grow up" with this software, I needed to teach myself how to use it. The manual is very complete on w3m but there is much … Continue reading Web Browsing With w3m

Business Card Holder Design

Designing and building is something of a hobby of mine that also happens to be a component of my profession. I like to flex my CAD muscle outside of the professional setting whenever possible so if someone tells me about a need for something and the design and 3D printing of it is within my … Continue reading Business Card Holder Design

Helping Future Self with Network Control from the Terminal

I don't have a regular need to interact the network there are times when I very much need to do so. My first exposure to controlling the network using the terminal was using ifconfig and I can't seem to latch onto the "new"┬áip command in the same way I was able to with the previous. … Continue reading Helping Future Self with Network Control from the Terminal