Ad-Blocking and Why You Should

You are being constantly tracked, surreptitiously, through the web. Various sites are tracking you with the intent of selling you products or selling your information. It's one thing if a website inquires basic information when you are visiting, it is another thing when a website stalks you across the internet. I believe this to be, … Continue reading Ad-Blocking and Why You Should

TiddlyWiki | Personal, non-linear, Note Taking Application on Linux

There are many options for Personal Note Taking Application on Linux but TiddlyWiki just happens to be the one I use the most and the longest on openSUSE.

Noodlings 22 | On the Edge

The 22nd single serving sized podcast episode Computers are a tool, it's a wrench or hammer, maybe more like a drill as it is a kind of power tool. It is there to serve you in whatever the task is. Whether it is organizing and storing information, one of the core functions of computers; entertainment, … Continue reading Noodlings 22 | On the Edge

Microsoft Edge Browser on openSUSE Linux

I am not one to jump on any bandwagon or get excited over anything unless I have good reason. I don't generally get too excited about browsers. I have found them frustrating, to say the least. In the beginning of the last decade, Google Chrome came onto the scene in spectacular fashion. It was light, … Continue reading Microsoft Edge Browser on openSUSE Linux

Facebook Container Tab in Firefox

Guard Your Privacy Online An unfortunate reality to life online today is that some popular sites do not respect your privacy at all. The issue is not the data that you knowingly and freely give them. The issue is that they collect data on you without explicit consent. Oh, sure, you do agree to their … Continue reading Facebook Container Tab in Firefox

Konqueror is Still Awesome

My first file manager on Linux was Konqueror. Compared to anything I at that time it was by far the best thing I've ever used. So many options, so many customization features and so many ways to find out information about your files. Looking at it today, I still think it is still by far … Continue reading Konqueror is Still Awesome

Falkon Web Browser on openSUSE

A web browser is a tool that is pretty much indispensable for day to day work and annoyingly, over the last few years they have become more and more memory hungry. My browser habits are as such that I am mostly using the web browser for research, gathering information and expanding my knowledge so very … Continue reading Falkon Web Browser on openSUSE

Web Browsing With w3m

Sometimes it is just fun to hang out in the terminal and not use all this fancy graphical interface nonsense with annoying advertising, video, GIFs and popups. Since I didn't "grow up" with this software, I needed to teach myself how to use it. The manual is very complete on w3m but there is much … Continue reading Web Browsing With w3m

YouTube Classic Extension on Firefox

I have noticed as of late how clunky YouTube has become. The "dynamically loading content", which I don't remember asking for, has these weird pulsating boxes and you have to wait longer to get what you want. In what world does slower loading text make sense? A Solution Presents Itself I was listening to one … Continue reading YouTube Classic Extension on Firefox