C1541x | The Commodore 1541 Impostor

My most favorite computer build to date has been my Commodore 64 Impostor. It has truly been the best computer I have ever owned. Not because it is he fastest and most capable but because it hit all the right nostalgia buttons while at the same time meeting my computing requirements. The only real problem … Continue reading C1541x | The Commodore 1541 Impostor

Noodlings 11 | Quick Tiling Fusion 360 in the Kitchen

New episode for the New Year and that title is almost entirely nonsensical because they are different subjects. Have a listen to episode 11 of this jibber jabber! Fusion 360 Review Fusion 360 is a CAD / CAM application with finite element analysis capabilities. I was going through the Autodesk forums and read a lot … Continue reading Noodlings 11 | Quick Tiling Fusion 360 in the Kitchen

Fusion 360 on openSUSE Linux | Review

CAD is one of the things I really enjoy doing. I am most adept at using PTC Creo for my employer. I am able to easily "think" and design ideas as easily in that software as I am able to draw it on a piece of paper. I'm making it a point to get that … Continue reading Fusion 360 on openSUSE Linux | Review

LeoCAD | Free LEGO® CAD Software on openSUSE Linux

CAD is not only what I do for my profession, I also do it for fun. For personal projects, I have been having a great time with using FreeCAD, a very capable and feature-full parametric modeler. With a recent resurgence of Legos in my house and falling into some web-searching rabbit holes, I stumbled upon … Continue reading LeoCAD | Free LEGO® CAD Software on openSUSE Linux

FreeCAD 0.18 Pre Release

In my continued excitement to use FreeCAD at home, I downloaded the latest Pre Release of FreeCAD to test it out. For starters, I like the new look of the start page. It has a nice clean and even more welcoming feel to it. It shows little previews of recent CAD documents too which is … Continue reading FreeCAD 0.18 Pre Release

Business Card Holder Design

Designing and building is something of a hobby of mine that also happens to be a component of my profession. I like to flex my CAD muscle outside of the professional setting whenever possible so if someone tells me about a need for something and the design and 3D printing of it is within my … Continue reading Business Card Holder Design

FreeCAD First Timer

I have had a need for doing 3D CAD work in Linux but I don't have the budget to invest in any  high dollar software to hobby around. FreeCAD fit the bill. It's a free and open source 3D CAD modeler but it does a bunch of other things too. Although I could probably run … Continue reading FreeCAD First Timer