Noodlings 24 | Spring green like openSUSE

The 24th appetizer sized podcast

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openSUSE Leap 15.3 Reaches Beta Build Phase

Call for Papers Open for openSUSE Conference

PostgreSQL, GNOME, Rubygems Update in Tumbleweed

Tumbleweed Roundup

  • 20210222 moderate 71
    • Nvidia GPU Issues that won’t allow you to boot
    • Several MATE applets can’t run due to bad package dependency
  • 20210306 Pending Moderate 84
    • Issues with SELinux
    • Issues with Systemd NetworkManager and nscd where nfs mounts are failing
    • Hundreds of weird systemd-sysv-convert warnings during upgrade

Computer History Retrospective

This is my segment where I like to look back in time and see how the world of technology has advanced and how things have stayed the same. I find we often forget how far we have come and how good we have it while not always remember how we got here. Having some historical perspective on computers and technology can help to drive some appreciation for what we have today.

Computer Chronicles on Programming (1984)

Three major levels of programming. You could hear the fans running on the IBM PC XT computer in the background. Something we don’t really have to deal with today. At least, not sounding like that.

Machine Language or assembly language

Systems languages C / C++ Applications or spreadsheets

Application language or end user language – FORTRAN science, COBOL – Business, logo = education,

COBOL – Business focused data structures and answering questions from a business perspective

Pascal – Initially education focused. Power of expression in a small amount of text.

Forth – Interactive software development, incorporates machine, system and Application level language.

BASIC came from FORTRAN, scientific orientation, step by step problem solving.

700 or 800 languages in 1984, many of which were offshoots of a core few.

I have decided to create my own list of languages, broken down the way I want to view the information, in nice, byte-sized chunks that are organized in a way that makes sense for discovery. The Wiki page on the languages was a list, only a list and weren’t better divided out. So, this is my list broken down in a way that suits my requirements. This will be one of those ongoing activities that will likely come and go with time.

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