DOSBox Basics on Linux

DOSBox is an excellent DOS environment that you can enjoy on modern Linux systems. I was never really into DOS all that much in my early computer years. I used it but I didn't really enjoy it. I much preferred Commodore 64 because it was far more colorful, later the Amiga, because it was far … Continue reading DOSBox Basics on Linux

A 100 Mhz 6502 CPU | Blathering

100Mhz 6502 CPU

I am not an expert in... well... anything, but I am I am continually impressed by the work done by so many in the world, especially in the "retro tech" world. I read this post by Jürgen Müller on his personal site concerning his project of an FPGA based 100 Mhz 6502 CPU. Just reading … Continue reading A 100 Mhz 6502 CPU | Blathering

How and When to Update openSUSE Tumbleweed | Blathering

A blathering about my opinion on how and when to update openSUSE Tumbleweed.